Can green tea help with diabetes?



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    Yes. Studies in rats, as well as human, show that green tea blocks starch and sucrose absorption, which reduces the body’s insulin production. Green tea can help with countless other ailments, including these.

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    I would say if you have a diabetes problem, drinking green-tea would be bad for you. If it lowers insulin production it could be even more catastrophic. The article ktjphoto provided suggests that a staggering 3 cups a day in small rats showed signs that it helped with starch absorption. This is good, but I think having 3 cups a day is a bit much of caffeine which alone is not good for people suffering from diabetes. With the added reduction of insulin production, it cannot be good. The whole idea is for your body to be able to manage your blood sugar levels, not screw it up.

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    According to the information from the National Institute of Health – as of November 2010 – there is insufficient to rate the actual effectivness for Type 2 diabetes and more studies and evidence is needed.  This is the type of question that someone should ask of their attending physician and based on what if any other medications, herbs, vitamins, minerals and diet they currently are on, that physician could make an informed decision about whether to include green tea as well.

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    While green tea can help regulate blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetics, that’s not the only type of tea proven to help keep insulin levels in check. White, oolong and black tea also have been proven helpful in case studies – along with red wine.

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    If we think of the proven benefits of caffeinated green tea, such as lowering bad cholesterol and contributing to weight loss (increasing metabolism 8-14 percent), than it’s easy to infer it would help stave off type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Decaffeinated green tea has also been proven to shrink waistlines, but not as quickly or effectively as caffeinated green tea. Green tea, mixed with a plant-based diet and daily exercise, will surely reduce your chances of contracting type 2 diabetes, but don’t rely on green tea alone! This antioxidant-packed, anti-aging tea should supplement your already-healthy lifestyle.

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    As stated before, green tea can aid in controlling diabetes because it helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Green tea has a lot of beneficial qualities and cancer patients are encouraged to drink large quantities. It is also recommended for cancer prevention since it is high in antioxidants, inhibits tumor cells, and is believed to protect against UV radiation. 

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