can the green movement help the global economy be better?



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    Hopefully, yes. We need there to be a economic pull toward leading green, sustainable lifestyles. If this means creating harsher taxes and penalties for those who choose to not use green technologies (those who must pollute [is there even such a thing? well, I guess in the quest for the almight dollar, there is]), then I say, “So be it.” Investing in green technology pays us back in more than just money though, it pays us back in quality of life and health benefits! We cannot live in a state of moral calm and peace if we know that we are harming the earth. As far as making money goes though, it is going to be up to governments and businesses and consumers to make sure that green firms have all the support they can get. Basically, if people decide to go green, and the demand is there (and we get a little help with a few law changes here and there), then definitely the green movement is going to help the global economy! I just think there are more important things that money (like, life, for example, peace and wellbeing, morality~!)

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