Can the green energy industry create more jobs that coal?



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    Yes, but the trouble is, they’re not in the concentrated areas like coal is. Loss of coal jobs will be harmful to certain regions of the country, whereas green energy jobs are spread out all over the country.

    We should practice a little abolition democracy in the coal producing areas, it would be beneficial if we, as a people, helped to produce a new industry where the coal mines currently employ entire towns full of people. If we abolish coal, what will replace it for these workers?

    Currently in the US there are about 200k blue collar mining jobs. 85k of them are in the mines. 26 states have coal mines. States most dependent on coal jobs are West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Virgina, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, Texas, Utah, and N. Dakota.

    Green jobs are in every state, starting with R&D, moving to implementing and maintaining fields and transmission centers, to installing new equipment at homes and businesses. The fact that the jobs are not concentrated is better in the long run but the harm done in coal producing states needs to be addressed if we want to be good, fair neighbors and consumers.

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