Can grass clippings be used for anything good?



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    Yes! Grass clippings can be used as fertilizers in a garden. Grass garden provides many benefits, they are used as fertilizers because they decompose in soils and plants much easier. They don’t spread too quick, or the heat from the decompostion can kill the plants. Fresh grass clippings will place them directly on the soil, or even work them into the soil. The clippings act very much like a mulch too, they keep moisture very well ans raise the soil’s temperature for the clippings to slowly break down. 

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    It is true that grass clippings can be used for fertilizer and mulch, providing much needed nutrients, insulation, and keeping weeds to a minimum. When applying cut grass as such, you must be sure that no chemicals were used on the grass clippings to insure safe fertilization takes place, Also, use the mulch in moderation, as too much can keep out the sunlight and moisture that plants and grass need to grow healthy. Using your grass clippings to fertilize is also a way of cutting down on trash heaps and it getting stuck in storm drains by utilizing it in a productive way.

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