Can grass be made into a tea?



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    I’m no tea expert (though I do love me some sweet tea) but I believe it depends on what type of grass you are using. I figure clipping some grass found in your background wouldn’t be the best idea…so don’t go that route. However, do go with lemon grass. It’s native of Southeast Asia and has a delicate lemon taste with the slightest hint of ginger. It also has a sort of floral fragrance. Most people make lemongrass into an herbal tea and claim that it can help clear up skin. Here’s a recipe if you are interested, courtesy of


    • 4 stalks lemongrass
    • 1 liter water
    • 4 teaspoons sugar or 4 teaspoons honey ( very optional)
    • 3 slices fresh ginger, peeled 1/4 inch slices (optional)


    1. Boil 1 liter water.
    2. While the water is boiling, clean the stalks of lemongrass under running water then cut and discard the green upper part of the stalks, you only want to use the whitest part.
    3. Next, using a meat tenderizer or hammer of any sort gently smash the stalks on your cutting board.
    4. Place the smashed stalks of lemon grass inside the tea pot along with the peeled ginger if you decide to use it.
    5. Pour the boiling water over and allow to steep for 5 minutes.
    6. Pour into tea cups and serve with or without sweetener (the honey or sugar).
    7. In Bali, this”tea” would not be served with sugar, it tastes fabulous just as it is.
    8. Tip: As with iced tea, this”tea” can be served cold.
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