Can grapes and olives be grown next to each other?



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    According to the cited article, grapes and olives thrive in the same climate, making them natural crops to be grown together. In wine country in northern California, many vineyards are producing olive oils to go along with their wines.

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    Yes.   The Mediterranean climate is the best for cultivating olive and grape vines and the wine country of Northern California. The mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers is the climate loved by grapes and olives. For example, certain parts of New Zealand’s wine regions and Napa Valley in Northern California.  However, the vines don’t thrive well in humid climates or the frosty winters on the east coast. Early autumn frosts can damage ripening olive fruit, and late spring frosts can wreak havoc with fruit set in grapes. 

    Grapes and olives need good irrigation during establishment, and you may need to supplement natural rain to get decent crops.  Olives and grapes both prefer free-draining soils rich in lime.  Olives and grapes are not so fussy, but olives will certainly benefit from extra lime if the soil is very acid (below pH6.0).

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