Can granite and marble be a sustainable resource?



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    There are companies the provide granite and marble for the home in a sustainable manner.  While the rocks are a natural way to adorn or build one’s home, the way that it is quarried, transported, and manufacuted (cut) have a toll on the environment.  Some companies which are environmentally-minded take care to respect the earth by ensuring sustainable practices.  One such company is Cold Spring Granite. 

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    Streckeisen is right.  To add to that answer the bestl countertop material where sustainability is concerned would have a solid, nonporous surface that is also stain and scratch proof.  However, these features are extremely hard to find in one countertop option.  Great options to look for instead are recycled glass, lightweight cast concrete, recycled glass ceramic tiles, and recycled plastic.  These are all excellent environmental choices for durable, nontoxic, and resource efficient countertops.

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