Can goats substitute pesticides in farming?



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    Probably not, because goats eat pretty much anything, including garbage.  They would ruin the crops by eating the plants down to stubs.  Goats would not eat the insects that were the main problem, but rather only exacerbate the loss of foliage and fruit.

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    Goats are just like chicken or cows, they will eat almost anything! So whether you can use them as a pesticide substitute depends on the crops. Technically, they will likely eat the bugs on your crops but will eat more of your crop as well. A lot of natural and organic farmers will use cows or goats to graze the land before they plant. The goats will fertilize the ground and will eat all the weeds and grass in the area. Organic farmers will often use lady bugs instead of fertilizers! They tend to not eat much of your crops and will keep away pesky bugs!

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