Can geologists make a lot of money?



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    This would depend whether the geologist was working for the private or public sector. Studies have indicated that geologists who work for private industries like for the mineral extraction agencies earn much more than geologists working for a state or the federal government. Geologists with a BA earn less in general than a geologist with an advanced degree. Although the economy is slow for many fields, it appear that geology is still a good career option.

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    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported salary statistics for geoscientists in May 2010. The bottom 10% earned less than $43,820 per year, while the top 90% made over $160,910. The top five highest-paying industries and the mean annual wage is reported below.

    1)Oil and gas extraction: $132,210

    2)Management of companies and enterprises: $129,680

    3)Other financial investment activities: $125,570

    4)Petroleum and coal products manufacturing: $118,910

    5)Support activities for mining: $106,380

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