Can geoengineering be a part of our climate change solution?



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    The field of geoengineering is a response to the state of emergency we are in: our planet has reached a “tipping point” in which global catastrophes are arguably immanent.  It is widely debatable whether the proposed large-scale geoengineering projects would be effective.  One project proposed is Solar Radiation Management using sulfur aerosols and seawater sprays to make clouds more reflective.  There is also talk of implementing pipes in the ocean to bring colder waters from below to the surface to reduce ocean temperatures.

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    Geo-engineering is one of the most, if not the most, controversial possible solutions for climate change. The manipulation of the natural environment to preserve the natural environment is a radical and risky move. There are some people who believe that this “fight fire with fire” approach is the only thing that we can actively do to stop the damage that we have already caused. There is the majority of people, however, who believe that manipulation of the environment is the reason that we are in the mess that we are now, and more manipulation will lead to disaster even faster. In Copenhagen there was not a discussion of geo-engineering on the official agenda, but as the articles attached show it is definitely on the table of discussion.

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    Geoengineering is the solution to climate change. The only way to commit to solving climate change is through engineering. Humans will not just stop doing things. We still need to progress, but we must do so in a way that is beneficial to the environment. This can only be done through geoengineering. 

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