Can Geo-engineering be used to take care of climate chnage?



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    “Can it take care?” Those are the important words in your question. Could it manipulate the environment? Most certainly! Will it have the desired effect? There are some people who make the argument that it can. But what are we talking about here? We’re talking about storing CO2 underground, fossilizing CO2, dumping iron into the oceans to stimulate the growth of plankton which would absorb CO2, releasing dust into the air to simulate a volcanic eruption, putting a giant mirror into space, etc. These are all unnatural manipulations which would intentionally cause drastic changes to our environment, the full consequences of which are unknown to those who would pursue them. I read a scientific article some years ago that argued creating a hydrogen-fuel based economy without waiting at least 50 years before doing so could have devastating consequences on the atmosphere. It’s my experience that in recognizing gradual problems one must make gradual adjustments to prevent over correcting (i.e. cooking, pitching, driving, etc.). 

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