Can gardening be used as a therapeutic tool?



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    Yes, there have been many studies indicating that gardening can be an effective method of releasing stress, increasing physical activity, and rewarding in its results.  The Leopoldo Urban Vegetable Garden capitalizes upon this idea and brings gardening to smaller, urban spaces where full size garden land is not available.  This has been used in hospitals and clinics as a therapeutic tool as well.

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    Of course Tedddy! While gardening is a calming, nature-syncing process, it also may be used as a stress reliever, as when you are in close proximity of plants their oxygen prouced is much easily administered to your lungs, acting as a green air-filter. So for body and mind, just go grow! Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    Gardening can be a very useful therapeutic tool. There is even a group called the American Horticultural Therapy Association that promotes horticultural therapy. This technique promotes gardening-related activities as a way to connect with the natural world around each individual and to help improve an individual’s health and well-being. Horticultural therapy is used in a variety of settings (obviously its use will be restricted somewhat by access to gardening space) including rehabilitation centers, psychiatric and mental health clinics, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and a number of other locations. Horticultural therapy is believed to help expand a client’s skill set, improve memory, coordination, and balance, develop the social skills required in group gardening, and inspire hopeful and nurturing feelings.

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