can fuel transporting vehicle can be replace by a solar vehicle in indian weather conditions???

if suppose it can be replace, what will be expense of that transporting vehicle????



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    A solar-powered car has been successfully created by a team of university students at the Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Delhi University in India. This means that a solar car has been driven in India! But, the car costs Rs 14 lakh, according to the article below, which is A LOT. Some of the issues associated with solar vehicles are that the solar panels needed are bigger than what is practical for the car and the need for an adequate amount of sunlight, which might be hard to find during monsoon season in India.

    As an alternative, the Venturi Astrolab is a electro-solar hybrid that sells for US $115,811. Not very affordable, unfortunately, and not likely to replace fuel-driven cars anytime soon.

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