Can flushing Kleenex clog up your toilet?



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    Though it’s made from biodegradable cellulose fibers, it doesn’t break down as rapidly as bathroom tissue and it can clog toilets, pipelines, septic tanks, etc. Flushing one or two is fine, but unless it’s a special flushable kind, it shouldn’t be happening on a regular basis.


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    Tissues and even very heavy toilet paper can clog up your toilet or fill up your septic tank (if you have one). It takes longer to break down and is transported to the waste treatment plant where it must be removed as water is purified for reuse.

    In many countries toilet paper and tissues are not put into the toilet and flushed. Instead, they are placed in the waste basket. This helps the system to run better and reduces the amount of water needed to flush away the waste, thus conserving water.

    In general, no items other than a limited amount of toilet paper should be put into the toilet and flushed. Other items can clog the system and lead to problems in the septic tank or pipes.

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