Can fishes be raised in organic farms? Is any type of fish that is known to be fully-breed organic?



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    Yes, fish can be raised in organic farms.  No, there is not a breed of fish that is only raised organically.

    The issue with determining that fish are raised on an organic diet is that it precludes wild catch from claiming that title.  This means that the only fish that can carry the “organic” label are farm raised fish.  This is puzzling for some because free-range, wild caught fish are typically regarded as the most desirable and healthy.  Since their diet cannot be monitored regularly, they cannot officially be called organic.

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    Although those involved in the fish farming industry have been demanding that the USDA set standards for organic aquaculture practices, the USDA still has not agreed to this proposition, meaning labels can’t be marked “USDA Organic”. This makes seafood the only remaining food group that can’t officially enter the organic market. However, organizations like the National Organic Aquaculture Working Group continue to campaign for the enactment of regulations concerning this matter, so organic seafood might become an item of the near future.

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    Yes they can be! Premier Organic Farms is a company that has an organic fish farm. They have chosen the Tilapia fish for their organic farm, according to their website, because they are “a hardy fish that like warm water, and have a rare combination of qualities that are found in few fish”. This type of fish feeds on algae and plants – not other fish.

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