Can fish live at all depths of the ocean?



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    More or less, yes. The deepest fish ever found was at a depth of 27,460 ft below the surface, in the Challenge Deep region of the Marianas Trench. The Challenger Deep gets to be about 35,800ft deep at its deepest point, so technically fish cannot be within that lowest 8,000ft. Other than that, the various species of fish can live at every other depth of the ocean.

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    Just because fish belong in water does not necessarily mean that they can live at all depths of the ocean. If you’ve noticed most whales and large marine creatures dwell at greater depths of the ocean while smaller, and more common fish are found in more shallow parts. In some ways, at which depth of the ocean the fish resides in is largely dependent on their need. Different depths of the ocean provide different living environments for marine life based on the amount of food available. On the other hand, some fish develop to adapt to their environment such as the Angler Fish, those deep sea fish that have lights on their heads. They have these to help them fend for their selves at depths of the ocean where barely any sunlight is available.

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