Can farmers markets ever be as cheap as supermarkets?



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    Sometimes they are cheaper.  It largely depends on what you are buying, and how good the growing season was that year.  I was able to get items like squash and okra at the farmer’s market near the college I attended for prices cheaper than the grocery store.

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    yeah in my experience, every farmers market i have ever been to is cheaper than a supermarket.   Ive been to them in Toledo, ohio; Chicago, illinois; and Los Angeles, California.  

    Farmers market cuts out transport and grocery store costs, giving you and the farmer more money. 

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    The most effective way to get lower prices on produce at Farmer’s Markets compared to a regular grocer is to buy seasonally.  Quality comparisons should also be a factor when comparing produce.  In general, produce from local farms will tend to be fresher and thus taste better than similar items found in large grocery stores because the food has been allowed to ripen more and has to travel a shorter distance to get to the consumer, thereby ensuring maximum flavor and nutrition.

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