Can fair trade ever really succeed?



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    Only if every country agreed to fair trade rules. This means put every country on an even economic rules as far as subsidies, taxes and tariffs go (or better off, drop subsidies and tariffs and have open trade between all countries). Under current rules, fair trade doesn’t work because it isn’t fair. If a poorer country wishes to receive aid from a governing body such as the WTO or IMF, they must do so under the conditions that they don’t subsidize their agricultural industries, and that they outsource certain jobs that could be done internally to foreign contractors (basically setting up countries to fail by starting flawed microeconomic policies that are not sustainable). Richer countries do not rely on aid and are the countries controlling these organizations, so they are allowed to maintain whatever economic policies they want (The US and EU have huge agricultural subsidies). In order for fair trade to work, it just has to actually be fair.

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