Can everyone in the world be a vegetarian?



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    In terms of feeding the world’s population, yes, everyone in the world could be a vegetarian. It takes more farmland to raise animals for food (to feed them and to raise them) than it takes to grow enough grains, vegetables, etc to feed people. rattles off a few facts on this (with citations), but the list of statistics goes on and on.

    For example: “At least 10 times as many people can be supported on a cereal diet than on a meat based diet – and that figure rockets up to 30 TIMES AS MANY people being supported by a diet based on soya protein.”

    That being said, you can’t be exactly sure if all populations have lifestyles that could be sustained by vegetarianism – some may live in extreme climates that rely on meat supplies to get them through periods with little vegetation (deserts, winters, etc).

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    Pretty much.  Some people do have allergies to many vegetarian foods, which would make it more difficult.  However, it’s not hard to be vegetarian, and many people are capable of doing so.  It is great not only for your health, but for the environment.

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    Coming from experience, being vegetarian is not that difficult. It is mainly a psychological thing at first, and trying to battle your cravings for anything that has any sort of meat in it. Usually after three weeks you are good to go, and will find being vegetarian a very easy thing to do. Vegetarianism is definitely something that everyone in the world can do, but it just depends on the will of the people to adapt to that style of life.

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