Can ereaders save you money over the life of the product?



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    Absolutely.  Purchasing a book for an e-reader is typically less expensive than buying the book in physical form.  Not only that, but you’re helping the environment by not wasting extra paper. 

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    Ebooks are a bit cheaper than regular books, and the screens of e-readers are engineered to not be as hard on the eyes as a computer screen, so it is a substantially greener product than buying actual books and just as easy on the eyes. However, if you’re thinking of being more cost effective, it is only more cost effective than regular books if you read very often. It looks like an ebook is typically 5-10ish dollars cheaper than a new book, which means you would break even for a $139 Kindle with about 15-20ish books, maybe? (these are very rough estimates to frame against how often you may read. Except that is the actual price of the Kindle, not an estimate). However, ebook prices may go up with the increased demand, and ebooks are already more expensive than used books, which are another environmentally friendly way to read. Also, the public library is free.

    It would seem it is more of a personal convenience choice than an economic one. An ereader is good to keep your library condensed and organized, and to save paper, but as far as money is concerned, if you’re a fan of the library or used books, reading enough for the product to pay for itself will take a long time.

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