Can the environment that someone grows up in have a large effect on their health?



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    Yes, I believe that it does. For example, here in Phoenix, AZ, people that reside here for long periods of time become more susceptible to respiratory illnesses because of the high smog levels. Those that have existing respiratory health conditions may experience severe allergic reactions and or asthma attacks. In fact, when smog levels are high here in Phoenix, people are advised to stay indoors; if they have to go out then it is highly recommended that they carpool or take public transportation.

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    Definitely! As nellieliz4 explained, air quality can have a long-term impact on health. Another thing that has a long-term impact on health is chronic exposure to radiation. This has been documented in several communities. Exposure to radiation can result from power plant accidents or simply mining and storing nuclear waste.

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    Another example is the level of asthma cases in new york city during the 80’s and 90’s. I myself am part of that statistic and it was a normal occurence to see kids with asthma pumps everywhere around the city. Many point to lack of health care access, air pollution, inadequate pest control (roaches and rats) and pollen levels that excited allergies among children.

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