Can energy be traded between countries just like any other good?



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    Yes, energy can be traded in exchange for other goods, services, or money. Germany, for example, is currently importing energy from Italy where much more abundant sunlight makes the production of solar energy there more efficient. In fact, the European Union is working to develop a smart grid throughout the continent that will allow for more efficient energy flow across the grid with less power loss due to transmission that will make the trade of energy form country to country even easier and more beneficial.

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    “Energy” is not the same as “electricity.”

    Electricity can only be transmitted with current technologies moderate distances without unacceptable losses. Natural gas, as gas, can only be transmitted efficiently via pipeline, so the huge natural gas deposits in Nigeria have no effective market. An exception to this is liquefied natural gas which can be transported on tankers like oil, but this is a small part of the natural gas market at present.

    Oil and coal are of course traded all over the world.

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