Can electric vehicles help stop global warming?



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    It is speculated that by 2050, electric cars could cut 6.2 billion tons of green house gases. That is, if they take over at least 50% of our vehicle traffic. The problem seems to be in creating these electric cars. They take more energy to create, which will cause more air pollution in the areas with electric car factories. 

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    Another hindrance to this effort is the expense. Electric cars are pretty expensive, so that, combined with our declining economy, does not help the cause.

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    They may not necessarily stop global warming but will cut down the rate of global warming in relation to the amount of gases that cause global warming being produced in the process of of producing the electric cars. The factories that produce electric cars possibly cannot easily stop emitting gases or other substances that cause global warming but in the long run, such gases will only be produced by the factories and not both by the factories and the cars.

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