Can an electric car be charged from a standard home socket?



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    Yes, they can, however it is recommended that you charge the car using a dedicated outlet. Charging an EV requires a lot of electricity and may overload the circuit if shared with other appliances.

    EV’s usually come with a “trickle-charge” cable that can charge the car from a typical 120v outlet. A home charging station is also available as an option and is plugged into a 240v outlet and will charge the car faster than with the trickle-charge cable.

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    Electrical Cars can be charged in a standard 120v or 240v outlet. A higher voltage in the outlet usually means a shorter charging time.

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    You certainly can, but don’t plan on racing out the door anytime soon.  With a standard 120V outlet (called Level 1) it would take approximately 29 hours to charge a vehicle with a range of 150 miles per charge.  Dedicated fueling stations will be a quicker option because they can handle much higher voltage.  A level 3 station can charge an electric vehicle in as little as 24 minutes.

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