Can eating organic food make you healthier?



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    Definitely. Eating organic food has a lot of benefits since they are produced with less chemicals. Organic vegetables have more vitamins and minerals. “Environmental responsibility is another reason to support organic food producers. Organic farmers spend a great deal of time enriching the soil with natural methods. Healthy soil means healthy plants. Healthy plants produce healthy foods, and healthy foods make a healthy you. Water quality is also preserved though organic practices because there is no chemical runoff to pollute rivers and streams. If all that isn’t enough, consider the energy savings. Conventional farming practices use more petroleum than any other industry. Pollution from the production of fertilizers is also reduced when more farmers opt to use organic methods.”

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    Eating organic food hasn’t been shown to have any particular preventative effects on various ailments or health concerns, but eating organic can keep you from consuming potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides that could, in turn, make you sick.

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