Can the earth sustain capitalism?



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    I’m of the opinion that the earth can sustain capitalism, just not unbridled growth.  If it is to succeed, capitalism must built on a foundation of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

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    Interesting question Allie. Capitalism, as it refers to a system wherein there is privately owned land, goods, and labor, in my opinion is not in and of itself in conflict with the earth’s natural systems and the earth’s ability to maintain and support life. As greengenie mentioned, however, the belief that growth can occur indefinately without due regard for the resource base that enables this growth is in direct conflict with earth’s natural systems. If humans can develop an economy wherein goods and services are traded using currency and these transactions exists within the bounds defined by the ecology of the local, regional and global environment, then we would have capitalist economy that the earth can sustain. However, this economy would look quite different than the current dominant paradigm.

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    I believe that the earth can sustain capitalism, but humans can not. Right now, the earth is fighting back against humans and is doing this through global warming. It is trying to rid itself of the disease of humans. Humans will be long gone before the earth is destroyed and this will not be because of capitalism or humans, but rather the explosion of the sun. 

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    Interesting question!  I don’t think the Earth will be destroyed by Capitalism or byproducts of it (Industrialism, factories, etc.).  No one can say for sure, but I believe that humans and their harmful practices will be destroyed far before the planet will.  Capitalism and Industrialism is far more detrimental to humans, the environment, and to other animals than it is to the planet as a whole. Earth is a lot stronger than an economic paradigm. 

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    I don’t believe the Earth will be able to sustain capitalism because, as Lenin said, imperialism, the exploitation of other groups of people and resources outside the mother country, is the highest form of capitalism. Imperialism occurs when resources or markets have been exhausted and the mother country must look elsewhere for the resources it needs to grow. What happens when we’ve exhausted our Earthly resources? I don’t claim to know, but I don’t think it will be good. We may have to look elsewhere, maybe to Pandora. Whatever the case may be, we will probably have to look to other planets (or maybe some other kind of body in outer space which provides resources) for additional support for capitalism.

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