Can the dyes in Cheetos cause ADHD?



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    The dye Red 40 is known to cause hyperactivity, tantrums, and other symptoms of ADHD in children. Red 40 does not cause ADHD but it does cause the symptoms. Children with ADHD have reported worse symptoms when they have consumed this particular dye. The dye also has negative effects on adults as well. I have attached a website that has more information about the problems associated with Red 40 dye.

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    Use caution with what the FDA suggests, as it is not always appropriate or safe, considering the pressure of lobbyists in Washington and food companies that create their own “scientific” studies to defend their products. I like to see what a very famous natural doctor (who is also an M.D.) says about health… he recommends staying away from food colorings (like those found in Cheetos): Some cheese puffs without artificial colors I would recommend: Barbara’s Cheese Puffs or Bearitos Baked Cheddar Puffs.

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