Can dormant volcanoes ever erupt?



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    Dormant means sleeping. Yes, dormant volcanoes often erupt.

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    Yes, they can. Scientists label volcanoes as “dormant” because it is unlikely they will erupt due to a lack of fresh lava. However, many volcanoes that were considered dormant have actually erupted after hundreds of years of inactivity, such as Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines. It was considered dormant until it erupted in 1991.

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    Yes. Scientists generally classify volcanoes into three categories: active, dormant, and extinct. An active volcano has had an eruption recently, and is likely to erupt again. Dormant volcanoes are considered “sleeping volcanoes”; they are currently inactive but could potentially erupt again. An extinct volcano is very unlikely to erupt in the future.

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    Another one of these dormant volcanoes that has erupted recently was in Iceland of last year.  This particular vocano was located near the Eyjafjallajoekull (whew) glacier, and spurted lava hundreds of metres into the air. What is even more amazing is that this volcano was dormant for about 200 years!

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    They can and often do. Mount St. Helens, for instance, was considered dormant until its infamous 1980 eruption. Volcanoes are generally classified into three categories – active, dormant, and extinct. Active volcanoes, as the name suggests, erupt periodically (some vulcanologists classify a volcano as active if it’s erupted in the last 10,000 years). Dormant volcanoes haven’t erupted in some time, but are considered capable of erupting again. If “some time” sounds vague, it is – the border between “active” and “dormant” volcanoes is debated. The Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii, for example, is considered dormant, though it hasn’t erupted in over 4,000 years.

    Mauna Kea:

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