Can donating money to feed the hungry help the environment?



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    If you link the world hunger problem to a crisis in global food production there are many ways you can channel your money to a proper source of environmental ethics. Food security and Food Sovereignty are movements for the world’s people to have nutrient rich food sources from now on into the future. This especially includes lower income neighborhoods and families. You can donate money to community garden organizations and urban farms with an eye toward the poor. Making sure you are donating your money to farmers who use sustainable, organic methods remains of utmost importance. Organizations like NYC green thumb and the Worldwide Via La Campesina are two such groups that organize around these topics.

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    To help the environment, one must produce something that gives back to the environment. Does money in itself do that? There are many avenues that this question and answer can take. Helping someone in itself can be said to help the environment. If someone chooses to help someone, they see the connection between people and if there is a connection between people one might also realize that the choices they make in their lives impact other people around them. I would assume that this ripple effect would have more of an impact if rather than simply donating money one might also be physically helping feed the homeless.

    Sometimes in our lives we get wrapped up in our daily routines and little things become big problems. The coffee maker breaks, the kids misbehave, a spouse is grumpy. In all of that, your family decides to help the homeless and donate their time and money to help others. All of a sudden those problems they had diminish and the realization that they can make a real difference with the choices they make surfaces. From recycling to community organizations, eating locally and supporting farmers; all of this is tied together and intertwined. So yes, I do believe that donating money can help the environment, but only if tied with giving time as well.

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