Can a dolphin sleep?



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    Dolphin do sleep, but it is a different process than the way other mammals sleep. Dolphin and whales are considered conscious breathers. Humans involuntarily breathe without having to think about it. Since dolphin live under water, they must be conscious about breathing or they could drown. It has been proven that dolphin spend about 8 hours a day in a sleep state where half of their brain shuts down, but the other remains active so they can stay alive while resting. It is assumed they do this close to the surface for easy oxygen access. Dolphin are sometimes seen “logging” which is thought to be their sedated state. 

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    Dolphins do sleep. Since dolphins need to breathe oxygen, they sleep along the surface of the water or they sleep while swimming slowly while sleeping next to another animal and they will occasionally go up for air. Dolphins sometimes fall into a deep sleep and it is known as “logging” because they resemble logs which floats at the water’s surface.

    Interestingly enough, female dolphins cannot stop swimming for several weeks after giving birth. Because baby dolphins do not have enough fat and blubber to float. The mother dolphin swims even while napping to create a slipsteam that tows her baby dolphins along.

    In conclusions, dolphins generally sleep at night and only a couple of hours at a time. Dolphins avoid drowning must retain complete control of its blowhole. In order to have control dolphins shut down only half of their brain while sleeping. The alternative side of the brain watches for predators, obstables and other animals with a sense of low level alertness. the awake side of the brain wakes the dolphin and signals it when the dolphin needs more oxygen. After one side of the brain rests for about two hours it also wakes up other side of the brain and goes back to sleeping allowing the other side of the brain to rest.

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