can dogs eat crakers



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    It really depends on the crackers and what’s in them. Most dogs can eat almost anything without incident, save a handful of things that are downright poisonous to them (like chocolate or human medication) or things that are dangerous (like chicken bones). Usually, the worst thing that can happen is vomit, or in the long-term, an unhealthy diet, though naturally, bigger dogs have more leeway here than small dogs. Linked below is a list of foods you should not feed your dog.

    Please note that some dogs can be allergic to common foods just as humans can be, and this includes an allergy to wheat. Make sure you know the dietary needs of your dog in particular before feeding him/her anything other than their regular dog food.

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    Certain kinds of crackers probably would not hurt your dog. If your dog really seems to love the crackers and they don’t contain any indgredients that are harmful to dogs, it should be okay to give them as an occasionally treat. But it’s a good idea to avoid regularly giving your dogs human food in general.

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