Can dogs breed with coyotes?



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    Yes, apparently they can: (from Wikipedia) “Coyote-Domestic dog hybrid

    There is no genetic difference between a male coyote/female dog breeding and a male dog/female coyote breeding, but two separate terms have been invented,coydog and dogote, for unknown reasons. A major difference between the two is logically the birthplace of the offspring: a female coyote would give birth in the wild and a female dog, unless feral itself, would give birth domestically.”

    I guess they are from the same family  — as it says “Canid hybrids are the result of interbreeding between different species of the canine (dog) family (Canidae)” — and so therefore their genetic material is similar enough that it can be mixed without problems. It seems somehow strange, and unnatural to me… but that’s just me, I’m sure some people out there keep these animals and love them just the same!


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