Can dog poo be used for compost?



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    Woot woot dog poop!

    Yes, you absolutely positively can and should! Dog poop okay and any herbivore okay. Cats’ poop absolutely not and human, well.. they make something special for that.


    1. Get worms. Earth worms and Red wrigglers love dog poop and their poop (castings) is awesome for gardens. You can make something called worm tea. I know it sounds gross, but your garden will absolutely love it.

    2. Never compost dog poop and other stuff like fruits, veggies, and yard clippings. Worms either eat poop or other stuff. DO NOT MIX. They will strike and it will stink!

    3, Special bags. You will want to get bags especially made for this kind of thing.

    4. Digestive enzymes and bacteria. Recommended, but not necessary. It will help speed up the process for sure.

    I DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE but many recommend against using the dog poop compost for your vegetable garden. As much as I agree that it is a little gross, I would think the pathogens and bacteria people are so worried about would be taken care of by the worms. So, it is safe to say this is a great fertilizer for anything you are not planning on eating, but maybe not so safe for food. 

    The 2nd link is for a compost that buries in the ground. There are many options. Just search and ask the manufacturer questions about their products.

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