can a dog get used to a new climate change, like if we were to move?



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    Sometimes pets have trouble adjusting during and after a move, but there are some steps you can do to make it easier for them.
    Keep them in a crate during moving day, or take them to a friend’s till you are settled in.
    Reinforce obedience training.
    Talk to your vet.
    Bring his favorite toys and food.
    Put his bed in a comparable place, ie by a window or door.
    Give him a tour of his new domain.
    Be patient.

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    Dogs, like people, can get used to new climates. Some dogs, however, are meant to live in certain types of climates. Small dogs with not a lot of fur or hair (chihuahuas, for example) are not meant to live in very cold climates. Larger dogs with a great deal of insulating fur are not really meant to live in particularly hot temperatures. 

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