Can a dog eat too much meat?



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    Typically yes. When dogs eat too much meat they usually just throw it all up. Dogs are smart and generally know when to stop eating. I have a American cocker and they are 14.5 and 15.75” at withers..and 21 and 23 pounds respectively. They eat about a pound a day as we do agility and as lot of hiking. 

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    To answer this question, we can look at wolves, who are close relatives of dogs. They eat almost nothing except meat and they do not experience problems. People claim that protein causes kidney and liver problems in dogs, but I personally believe it is due to the quality of the protein. Many times, in commercial dog food, you have protein from sources other than meat.

    If the dog is very hungry and he eats all there is very quickly, which they do sometimes, it is possible that he is consuming too much, but just as jchang14 said, they will throw it up. In terms of “overdose” on meat, I do not think that is possible.

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    Some dogs will overeat to such an extent they will become obese. But meat is a natural part of their diet, so doesn’t pose any special problem beyond the extra calories.

    Deciding how much exactly to give a dog depends on the dog’s needs, and also on what’s practical for their owner.

    Have a look at the ASPCA page on dog feeding, which explains the basic issues to consider.

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