Can distillation be used to clean water sources?



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    Distillation is a method that is relatively inexpensive, has no expendables other than glassware and heating elements, but is only able to produce Type II or Type III purity grade water.  It is not an on-demand method so it has to be distilled and stored in advance of the need for it.  If the storage container is not made of an inert material, plasticizers will leach out of it and recontaminate the water.   Also it is highly wasteful of energy and water, wasting as much as 95% of the feedwater and leaving only about 5% as pure product (APS Water Services Inc., 2002).

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    It depends on the scale and whether you do it at home or far away. People can make solar water distillers at home to satisfy their personal needs as long as their tap water company gets rid any toxins that would not be removed by distillation. This could be a very good way for many people to obtain clean drinking water. By distilling water, people can get rid of extra salt (not just sodium chloride, but any ionic compound) in their water that the water company may choose not to remove.

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