Can a gluten free diet help me lose weight?



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    Potentially. In order to lose weight, you need to be consuming fewer calories than you’re spending; if gluten-free food fills you up with the same bulk but provides less energy than conventional food, you could lose weight.

    A little whimsically, gluten-free food stereotypically tends to be less tasty than normal food; I suppose you could want less of it and therefore lose weight.

    It’s possible to lose weight eating any food or selection of food; the catch is that you can’t eat too much of it. How much “too much” is will depend on exactly what it is.

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    The gluten free diet is not designed as a weight loss diet, it is the only treatment for celiac disease. Normally used grains such as wheat, rye and barley are not permissible on the diet, and others are substituted, such as millet and quinoa.

    By cutting a lot of the normal wheat based products such as bread, cookies and pastries it would be possible to lose weight, but most celiacs tend to use substitute products which can be higher in calories thus negating the benefits.

    The page listed in the resources below, talks more about the subject.




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    Gluten free foods often include healthy options.  Many keys to weight gain, such as baked goods, are eliminated, which can make for weight loss.  However, it shouldn’t be relied on for a diet.  There are still many foods that are high in fat that are still gluten-free. 

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    Essentially, yes because in cutting out wheat and flour you are cutting a lot of carbohydrates out of your diet. If you replace that food with fresh fruits and vegetables and sensible portions of meat (or meat substitutes) and grains instead of junk food, yes you will lose weight. I always suspected that some people who claimed to have Celiac Disease were really just on the Atkins diet and didn’t want to admit it; they are pretty similar. 

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    As said by previous answers, it really depends on how much and what you’re eating.  In my experience with a gluten free diet, a lot of new products coming out (such as gluten free baked goods) actually tend to be higher in calories.  Gluten free products are sometimes more dense, as flour cannot be used, so you’re getting more calorie per serving.  In my opinion, the only benefit a gluten free diet would have is if you cannot tolerate gluten.  Eating a regular, healthy diet with exercise would be just as beneficial to losing weight as any other type of diet.

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