Can diapers become a green product?



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    yes…before the word diapers were associated with disposable, they were made of cloth. I was born in the late 70’s and my mother used these. You can’t get more green then re useable…she washed the diapers- yes, even number 2.

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    There are some new and innovative diapers on the market today. G diapers are cloth diapers with a biodegradable insert. The insert collects waste and can be flushed in a toilet while the cloth portion of the diaper is completely reusable. Other companies have developed biodegradable diapers, and while these aren’t as desirable as a reusable diaper, they are a big improvement over traditional diapers that can take up to 300 years to break down.

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    Yes they can. You can, like the previous answer stated, use cloth diapers and reuse them.This works for making baby wipes too, you can buy an organic cotton cloth and put some aloe vera or vitamin e on it.  However, if that’s not up your alley you can always buy eco-friendly diapers from companies like Seventh Generation and the upcoming The Honest Company.

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