Can deodorant cause cancer?



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    Some believe that deodorant can cause breast cancer from the absorbtion of chemicals into the skin.  However, the National Cancer Institute found no evidence that link deodorants or antiperspirants to breast cancer.  The FDA also found no such links.

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    Deodorants and antiperspirants commonly contain aluminum, which is believed to increase the risk of Alzeimerā€™s.  Aluminum has also been linked to higher risks of breast cancer.  Antiperspirants are also dangerous in that they act as astringents that close pores and trap toxins inside, which can lead to problems with lymph glands.

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    This appears to be one of the cancer myths acknowledged and debunked by the american cancer society.  There was no evidence to show that you can link cancer, specifically breast cancer to using deodorant and antiperspirant.

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