Can DDT still be found in America today?



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    Technically, yes. Even though it was banned so long ago, its half-life can span decades which is why residues of DDT can still be found in food today. DDE, which is the breakdown product of DDT, still persists in soils where crops are grown because of applications from years ago. DDE can bioaccumulate, which means that it gets concentrated up the food chain. It is possible for fish and livestock to accumulate it in their fat.

    However, the FDA still monitors the levels of DDT and DDE found in foods. A certain level of residues found in food is unavoidable, which the FDA calls “Action Levels,” but once a food is found to have residues exceeding Action Levels, the FDA takes action to make the item unavailable to consumers.

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    DDT was banned in 1972, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t still be found in the U.S. today. There are still traces of DDT in the environment, for example, in the Great Lakes. Soil and water can still contain DDT, which can then be absorbed by plant and animal species. Humans can contract DDT from these contaminated sources (fish and shellfish are a common source). Some people advocate bringing back DDT for use against mosquitoes, and with enough support for it, I would presume that some people have gained illegal access to the chemical, although it would be very difficult to find.

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