Can crushed soda cans be recycled?



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    Since recycled cans are crushed anyway – made into bricks so that they can be melted down and mixed with new aluminum – then of course you can crush them before recycling them. It does not change the consistency of the recyclable material.

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    Yes it is actually easier for you to handle many more cans if you crush them first!

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    You can recycle crushed aluminum cans. The only thing that may not work out is if you are recycling the cans for money. When you return cans for money they have to be able to read the barcode. Crushing cans is a great space saver and will work just as well as an uncrushed can.

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    1 lb of aluminum cans is worth about $0.5 to a recycler. He may not pay you that much. In CA, if you go to a certified recycling place, they will give you $0.05/can. It takes more than 30 cans to make a lb. So at best, you are getting $0.05 for three cans. However, if you crush them, their automated can counter will not work so you get the crushed can rate. So for convenience, crush the cans. To maximize payback, don’t crush. To really penny pitch, bust off the pop top and store those separately. You get the nickel per can plus the weight for the pop tops.

    So in summary, you get about three times as much mony by not crushing the can.

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