can cows eat algae?



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    They can eat an algae-based feed, although it goes through some processing from the raw material. What’s more, some studies have shown that cows on this diet produce up to 40% less methane, which is an important greenhouse gas. I couldn’t find any information about whether this diet has the same nutrition benefits as grass or the oats they are normally fed; as far as I can tell, this plan is still under development in Australia.

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    Yes, they can, but in most cases algae is not necessarily part of their regular diets due to the geographical makeup of areas where most cow’s graze. Interestingly, algae “cakes” fed to cows have been found to reduce methane emissions from cow farts (I didn’t make this up!), which is better for the environment.

    Also, you may have heard of sea-cows, also known as manatees, which are water-faring herbivores that eat various types of plants as well as algae.

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