Can cooking oil be used as any type of fuel?



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    Definitely! My uncle did it. He has a car than runs on used vegetable oil. He gets it for free, too… as long as he is friendly to the managers of the restaurants he frequents. Since restaurants legally can’t re-use the oil that they use for deep frying and they can’t pour it down the drain, they usually have to pay someone to take it away. When someone comes to them offering to take it off their hands without charge, they are very happy.

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    Cooking oil cannot be used for any type of fuel. It can however be used as bio-diesel and ran in a diesel engine. The diesel engine was initially designed to run on vegetable oil. With a simple process cooking oil, even used cooking oil, can be converted into bio-diesel and ran in a conventional diesel engine.

    Using bio-diesel has been proven to produce zero emissions, increases motor lubrication improving the life of the engine, and reduces all nauseous and carcinogenic pollutants from being released into the air.

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