Can conserving energy do more than renewable energy can to help us with our oil independence?



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    Energy efficiency is not necessarily more important than investments in renewable energy when it comes to ending our reliance on oil and other fossil fuels.  However, energy efficiency measures do make an excellent place to start when trying to figure out how our society can live more sustainably.  This is because efficiency measures are often relatively cheap to implement, rely on technology that is already readily available, and create lots of jobs into the bargain.  While renewable energy projects may rely on technology that is expensive or not yet fully perfected, energy efficiency is something we can do right now with relatively little expense.  Also, the more efficient we make our society, the easier it will be to meet remaining energy needs with renewable sources – because there will be less energy needed overall.  So both efficiency and renewables are hugely important, but there is definitely an argument for focusing many of our first efforts on energy efficiency.

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