Can computer viruses be bad for the environment?



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    If the computer virus somehow tells the computer to run it’s cooling fan (or all the drives) until the thing overheats, then possibly, yes. Any heat source that doesn’t need to be on is in some tiny, tiny, tiny (to the nth degree) way, a contributor to the problem of global warming (but compare a heat-sink on a home-stereo that gets left on all night to a bomb that goes off in the desert or a coal plant, and it means basically nothing). Computers themselves are somewhat bad for the environment (but they are making huge advances in the efficiency and energy consumption of servers [the mainframe computers that provide us with the internet] — see article which I will post a link to in a comment – so any virus that causes them to run inefficiently and draw more power than necessary (or stay on forever, or turn on in the night without permission [an energy companies diabolical scheme!]) would, in theory, be bad for the environment.

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