Can compost be used for fuel?



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    Yes, but the best means to turn compost into fuel is an indirect one, meaning, it should be processed somehow first. Compost–basically, any organic waste, including human or animal waste, that degrades through biological processes–can and has been used as fuel for a long time. For example, in many parts of the developing world, manure from cows or horses is used directly as fuel in a stove or other fire. This is a very dirty source of fuel, not just from the obvious implications of being downwind of it, but also because it puts a lot of particulates and noxious gases into the atmosphere. However, there are plans afoot to turn compost into usable fuel. A project is underway in New Zealand to turn dried compost sludge from human wastewater treatment into burnable fuel by adding wood chips and some other ingredients. Also, a rather exotic way to get fuel from compost is being used in “capped” landfills, where composting waste generates methane gas that is trapped and turned into usable fuel. This method has the advantage of reducing greenhouse gases, because the methane generated from the landfill would otherwise end up in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

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