Can a Compact Fluorescent Light bulb produce white light?



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    Rumors abound that the light from CFLs is somehow inferior to that from traditional incandescent bulbs; if you browse enough un-moderated environmental forums on the web, you’re likely to hear everything from claims that CFLs produce unpleasant lighting, to rumors that it takes up to two minutes for a CFL to turn on fully.  Some of these claims are left over from the early days of CFLs, when there really were problems getting them to produce good-quality light.  Today however, there are CFLs which produce white or yellowish light virtually indistinguishable from that of incandescent bulbs – and just like incandescents, they come on full-force as soon as you flip the light switch.  You can check out the Energy Star web site (cited below) to look at some of the many options available for CFL lighting.

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