Can coal power plants blow up like Nuclear ones?



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    Coal power plants can blow up, but I would not compare them to the explosion of a nuclear power plant.  The explosions are completely different in nature, and occur for completely different reasons.  The biggest risk of explosion in a coal power plant stems from the silos used to contain residual coal dust.  The coal dust is highly flammable, so it can be a big problem if something triggers it to ignite.  Nuclear explosions, or meltdowns, are different: the nuclear fission reaction that makes elements radioactive creates a very high amount of heat that must be controlled.  If the reaction is allowed to pique, it will explode thus releasing all kinds of toxic, nasty radioactive particles into the environment.  The way nuclear energy works is touched on in the greenanswers link below.  See the wisn link for more information on coal explosions.

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    Lola14 is right on in that while explosions can occur, they are not comparable with those of nuclear plants. Where the dangers of nuclear and coal power are similar is in the radiation both emit. Contrary to popular belief, coal ash is actually more radioactive than nuclear waste, and in that way coal plants can lead to similar accidents as nuclear ones. These accidents do not involve explosions, of course, but the radiation from coal plants can gravely endanger the communities living around the plant, just like nuclear plants are well known to do. 

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