Can clothing be recycled into new clothing?



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    Approximately 98% of clothing is able to be recycled into additional articles by either repurposing the fabric into a quilt or throw pillows for your couch. Additionally, clothes that are donated to Salvation Army or Goodwill that are too threadbare to re-sell can be sent to “rag sorters” that specialize in recycling pieces of fabric. By shredding into fibers, they are able to make new products or ship the material overseas to developing countries.

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    Yes!  There is actually a line of locating that is sold at gift shops around Denali National Park, AK that are made from recycled cotton.  Shirts and other apparel are shredded and re-spun into thread.  This thread is used to make new clothing.

    One can also get creative by cutting open the legs of an old pair of jeans and sewing material in the space between to make a brand new skirt.  The possibilities of recycling your own clothing go on and on!

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