Can climate change be proven by science?



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    No scientific theory can ever be truly proven. The whole idea of a scientific hypothesis is that it is tested, and if the test results agree with the hypothesis, it is considered true until it is found incorrect. With climate change, it is easy to show that there is indeed change going on, but hard to say what is causing the change.   The reason that there hasn’t been a consensus in the scientific community is that there are so many things that could be causing climate change. 

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    Yes – climate scientists are generally in agreement that modern day global warming is unprecedented and very likely caused by humans.  Most scientific data is published in scientific journals, but this data very rarely reaches the general public (as it is often highly mathematical, and, as a result, inaccessible).  Misinformation, in conjunction with climate change deniers, helps to cast doubt on the validity of climate change.  See the links below for actual scientific data.

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    Technically, nothing can be proven beyond any doubt in science.  There are scientific theories, and even stronger scientific laws.  A theory has to go through an inordinate amount of tests and retests, and be wholeheartedly accepted by the scientific community.  Like the above posts say, most scientists do believe that climate change is real.  This does not mean, however, that it has technically been “proven.” 

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